Top of the Hill Historian

Members will be pleased to hear that the late Sam Barker’s historian’s notebook – a collection of articles, research, historic news about Top of the Hill residents, and more - has recently been found. A small group of members - the “History Group” - gathered in September, 2012, to work together on initiatives related to Top of the Hill history.

Our mission is to collect, catalogue, and share relevant documents, illustrations and photographs that celebrate the architectural and social history of the TOH neighborhood. Below are links to history of the Top of the Hill and its homes. Are there other TOH members who are also interested in collecting and cataloguing our history, and in the possibility of working together on related projects and programs?

Are you interested in discovering your house’s unique history, or in learning more about our Top of the Hill neighborhood and the rich and colorful history of the City by the Sea? The Newport Historical Society's Library, at 82 Touro Street, is a valuable source of information, and is the best place to start your research. You might begin by visiting the Newport Historical Society’s website at http://www.newporthistorical.org/.

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Links of the History of Top of the Hill and Our Neighborhood Homes

A Short History of the Top of the Hill

11 Francis Street: Mrs. D Archibald Pell House

33 Catherine Street: The Hypotenuse House

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